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*Fast and effective sterilization, antibacterial disinfection, disinfection of tableware and objects, children's toys and other parts*Easy to carry around*Skin-friendly, non-allergenic, breathable clean non-woven fabric, safe and clean*Single individual packaging for one-time use..
Strength and energy: to ensure that users feel more strength and vitality within 2 weeks Complete nutrition: Each serving contains 250 calories and 9 grams of high-quality protein, providing you with complete nutrition at a price of more than $1 per serving Delicious: This is a brand recomme..
*Clean, antibacterial, disinfection, no-wash, quick-drying*Eliminate all kinds of pathogenic bacteria*Individually packed in small grains, rub it clean and not greasy, gentle and not hurting the skin*Sterilization and disinfection to guard against human-to-human transmission of the virus to isolate ..
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